Author Topic: Biopolttoaineiden itse aiheutettu "vaikea yhtälö"  (Read 36933 times)

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Vs: Biopolttoaineiden itse aiheutettu "vaikea yhtälö"
« Reply #135 on: 19.06.22 - klo:04:49 »
Reippaita, kovia väitteitä:

Researchers: Wood Burning Unsustainable, Huge Footprint…”Will Accelerate Warming For Decades”

A team led by Laura Bloomer concluded here in a report that “burning trees and other forest biomass for energy is contrary to climate mitigation, biodiversity protection, and environmental justice goals” and that “governments must stop promoting climate-damaging forest bioenergy.” The researchers are calling for a stop to the folly of burning trees.

Linkki raporttiin (pdf).